What we do for you

About our services

For decades, we have developed and continuously refined an independent research system and evaluation method that is specifically tailored to ethical and sustainability aspects.

The result is a comprehensive database containing information on extra-financial criteria relating to quoted companies and bond issuers.

Supported by an efficient research team and working hand-in-hand with an independent ethics committee, we provide a wide range of services to institutional and private investors, companies and organizations.

Our range of services

The list of our advisory services is not exhaustive, but should give you some idea of the broad range of our activities. We are pleased to offer personalized solutions to our valued customers.

  • Preparation of ethical and sustainability analyses of companies and bond issuers (based on our criteria or in accordance with the guidelines of our customers).
  • Ethical screening of portfolios, preparation of industry and peer group analyses.
  • Ethical coaching for investors wishing to follow sustainability and ethics guidelines (investment regulations, ethics guidelines, implementation control).
  • Lectures and training, editing of specialist publications on ethics, social and ecological research.
  • Maintenance of relationships, cooperation and alliances with clients, associations, non-profit organisations, universities, research institutes or church institutions.
  • Promotion and professional supervision of our ethical investment funds “Excellent ESG Global Bond” and “Excellent ESG European Equity
  • Financial research and investment advice.

Our approach to research

Our research focuses on a holistic stakeholder analysis by means of which we assess and evaluate all investment opportunities that have passed our selection based on exclusion and inclusion criteria. Please read on to find out more.